Cindy O’Dare: Local Realtor To The Stars

Anyone that has ever met Cindy O’Dare, has nothing but nice things to say about her. As one half of The French O’Dare Team, a Broker Associate with Premier Estate Properties and one of the Top Ranked Realtors in the US, Cindy specializes in luxury, oceanfront homes in Vero Beach.  Vero Beach Newsweekly, is no different when it comes to recognizing the many charming qualities and impressive statistics about Cindy.

“Cindy has been serenaded by Julio Iglesias, motivated by Anthony Robbins, sent gifts by Dr. Barry Sears and has worked with the Bee Gees, Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills and Nash…In 2006, O’Dare sold the highest priced oceanfront property on record in Vero Beach at $19 million.  That same year, she sold a riverfront property for an unprecedented $13 million…”  

Not only is Cindy a trendsetter in fashion, she also sets trends in the real estate market telling, Vero Beach Newsweekly, that “Great real estate brokers create markets, not just follow them.”


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Red Hot Realtors Cindy