Vero Beach Among USA Today’s Top Florida Beaches

What makes Vero Beach so wonderful?  Even national newspaper USA Today recognizes the many charming aspects of our little town.
USA Today names Vero Beach as one of the Top Florida Beaches.
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Vero Beach is a dreamy seaside town with tropical blue-green water is a cultural gem on Florida’s Treasure Coast (Photo: Vero Beach Hotel & Spa)
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“This dreamy seaside town with tropical blue-green water is a cultural gem on Florida’s Treasure Coast (so named because of the booty found from numerous shipwrecks). Today, if you’re lucky, you might find your own treasure in the form of coins along the seashore.It’s one of those beaches you don’t hear too much about. And, in this case, that a very good thing. It’s an attractive little city, but there’s more to it than just good looks. For the nature-lover, it’s pure paradise. With many protective areas, wildlife is encouraged to thrive. In fact, this east coast beach is home to some of the nation’s most important nesting grounds for sea turtles. And it’s not uncommon to see otters, manatees and dolphins. The Indian River is a haven for those, as well as egrets and herons.If you’re into shelling, you’re in luck. There’s an abundance of seashells, and they’re not tough to find. And if you’d like to go eyeball-to-eyeball with stingrays, green sea turtles and tropical fish, that’s not a problem either. The water clarity is good for snorkeling and colorful coral reefs are plentiful.For birders, the 5,413-acre Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge should be high on the list. This historic rookery is home to 130 different species of birds, including white pelicans and endangered wood storks. The Indian River Lagoon, made up of Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River and the Indian River, is said to be one of the most biologically diverse estuaries in the continental United States.Youngsters call it Zero Beach, which will give you an idea of the peace and quiet you’ll find. And the older crowd calls it Velcro Beach; once you visit, it’s hard to leave.

Better yet, it’s a public-access beach and free parking is always available. Can’t beat that.”