French & O’Dare Lavish Broker Open Houses are the talk of the town

Clark French and Cindy O’Dare are known to be highly successful in the luxury real estate world.  Broker Agents at Premier Estate Properties, The French O’Dare Team are top ranked realtors in the US.  But how do they achieve their success?  A recent article in Vero Beach 32963 may offer one explanation.

Throughout the real estate world, brokers conduct ‘Broker Open Houses’ which invites other realtors into a newly listed house to take a tour.  Why?  Clark told 32963, “a really good professional broker gets into every house that comes on the market.  We always have in our heads all the million-dollar properties on the market so if someone defines a category they are looking for, we can immediately match that buyer with the best homes out there that fit their requirements.

But Cindy O’Dare conducts her broker open houses a little different than the rest.

Check out what 32963 had to say about Cindy’s open houses:

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