Cindy O’Dare

Cindy O'DareAs a third-generation native of South Florida and a luxury real estate professional for over 25 years, Cindy O”Dare is truly a real estate marketing expert. In 2006, she earned the distinction of having acheived the highest priced ever for oceanfront sale in Vero Beach at $ 19MM and for riverfront sale in Vero Beach at $ 13MM. Educating her clients on the very best opportunities, Cindy creates winning transactions for all parties. Her mindful honesty to her customers has awarded her their devotion and long term respect. Cindy also has a strong working background in the entertainment field. Together, Cindy O”Dare and Premier Estate Properties can assist you in taking the best advantage of todays vibrant and complex luxury real estate market.

Cindy O’Dare is consistently sought-after for her expert market and community knowledge. Her networking skills in this arena are unparalleled, wielding international contacts with stars of the stage, music, movie, and fashion industries. Cindy believes that, “Great real estate brokers create markets, not just follow them.”

Cindy O’Dare has definitely had a star-struck career and has worked with the: Bee Gees, Jimmy Buffet, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Roger Daltry, Tommy Mottola, John Mellencamp, Don Johnson, Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Prince, Rod Stewart.